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The Columbian Exchange and Diseases


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The origin of syphilis is not certain. The established theory of the origin of syphillis is that it originated in the Western Hemisphere, and was brought back to Europe by the Christopher Columbus. This is because the first mention of syphillis is only written down after 1493, after Columbus's return to Europe. However, there are those who differ with the established theory, and believe that syphillis originated in Asia and Africa. It is believed by some that syphillis existed in Europe before Columbus sailed for the New World in 1492, but was not recognized as syphillis, and that the strain of Syphillis that Columbus brought back from the New World was much stronger, and was much easier to recognize. The evidence for this theory is that graves have been opened in Europe that predate Columbus with signs of Syphillis. The debate rages over the origin of syphillis, and the origin of sypilis is now in doubt.