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The Columbian Exchange and Diseases
Current Smallpox Theories


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Was there a conspiracy theory with the United States Military giving the Native Americans blankets infected with smallpox.  The first use of biological agents against their enemies were the Romans (Pierpoint).  Smallpox could have a basis of being used as a conspiracy which is a form of terrorism.
There was a conspiracy to kill the Native American.  However, the military could not have put smallpox in the blankets given to the Indians.  The blankets could have not been infected with smallpox because of the way smallpox is transmitted.  The spores of smallpox would have died by the time the blankets were given to the Indians.  However, in a quote by Captain Eauger "'Put of our regard for them (i.e. two Indian chiefs) we give them two blankets and a handkerchief out of the smallpox hospital.  I hope it will have the desired effect'" (Pierpoint).  The only way for the Indians could of gotten the disease is by the person who got the blankets and gave the Indians the blankets themselves.  Therefore that person who gave the Indians the blanket was infected.  At this time in history, there were no shots for vaccination against smallpox.  The fur traders, which were trading with the Indian, were infected with smallpox.  They would pass the spores over to the Indians. 
The knowledge about the U.S. military spreading smallpox to the Indians is just a conspiracy.  There is not true facts that the U.S. military wanted to actually get rid of the Indians because there was profit behind the use of the Indians.